DayZ Clan STA!

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STA (Survive The Action)


STA, is a DayZ standalone clan, wich brings you to the horror
you always have been afraid of.

Join STA?

to join STA, then you need to answer those questions to this mail:  [email protected]      Or go to contact us and type in your email and your message, the title of the message need to be "join STA"       
Age(15 or older):

Why do you Want to join STA:

What is your strength in DayZ (Marksman, Recon, Artillery, Pilot, Assault Rifle Oriented, Driver, Etc, Etc.):

Have you read the rules?:

Do you accept these rules?:

Do you have a working mic?:

Do you have skype If so What is your name:

What timezone do you live in:

What country do you hail from?:

What is your  time schedule on the week days and week days that you will be available?:

If i accept your message on email, register on this web.