DayZ Clan STA!

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you need to be 15 or older.

you ca'nt shoot any of the clan mates.(if you do your out of the clan)

if i tell you to do something, DO IT.

NEVER engage an unarmed player or with a player that does not post a threat to you or the squad.

If you are not sure of whether or not to engage, ask your squads field commander, DO NOT fire if you have doubt.

(Recon rules for bandits). If you come across someone who has a bandit skin or someone who you know has been shooting at unarmed players, alert your team of the bandits location and confirm that it is a bandit after your field commander gives you the green light, you take them down.

(Non-recon rules for bandits) Alert your team of the bandit, tell them your opening fire, and take the shot.

If you are to find a player who is in your path and has a gun, DO NOT KILL THEM,(Unless their a bandit) you will not kill them, try your best to knock them out. If you have a high powered rifle and can not knock them out, contact a field commander through Skype who will decide what is best at the time.

When we go out on a mission we go out in a group, get close to the waypoint and then split up, we don't need to get our asses kicked because we were all lined up like a free head-shot store.

If there is someone that is allied with us requesting help, we will meet up if we are not already moving together and access the situation as needed.